tailored maintenance

We are equipment people, so you can be coffee people.

We understand the support you need doesn’t stop once you have purchased your equipment.

 Our commitment is to take the time to understand each location’s unique needs, workflow and pressures so we can tailor and create a custom maintenance schedule fit for  you.

 We view all our clients as an integral part of our community. We care about their success, and specific maintenance schedules built for you are part of that success.

 There is no bigger burden to a cafe, than an unexpected break down. Our Preventative Maintenance approach gives you every chance to ensure this never happens.

And if things do go wrong? We react. We understand why it is a big deal and have the structures in place to ensure we can help you.

Our Melbourne HQ is equipped with Australia’s largest range of coffee equipment spare parts for all makes and models. We import directly from our manufacturers to ensure we can offer immediate supply.

And on top of all this, our coffee machine technicians are some of Australia’s most well known and experienced. All of our technicians have a minimum of 5 years on road experience

They truly are equipment people, so you can keep being coffee people