Custom Work

Custom, Personalised Coffee Machines

Ensuring the perfect solution is all about understanding that no person/business is the same.

Our needs won’t always be the same and neither will our design preference.

Our unique customisation process maintains our commitment to YOU, the individual. The one who sees what they need, but wants to take it a step further. The one who doesn’t like to settle and wants something that speaks truly to your vision and the vision of your brand.

For US, it is all about understanding you and your vision, so we can help create that custom piece of equipment you have always dreamt of.

Our in-house custom team are experts in understanding this vision, and delivering something that holds true to what you wanted, but also why you wanted it.

Powder-coating, timber accessories, custom panels, and electroplating are all things that our team can execute perfectly to bring this vision to life, turning the machine you want into a machine that truly sets you apart from the rest.


At the core of what we stand for… providing “tailored solutions” our flat pack,  pop-up carts ensure that ease of use is paramount.

We designed these coffee carts, in Melbourne, to be easily transportable and assembled in less than 5 minutes

All carts are made to order and include a custom designed front panel to ensure your brand shines! Thoughtfully designed with ranges from 1200mm-2400mm in length, our pop up carts compliment any activation event you could attend.

Simply pop the flat pack cart  into the back of  an SUV or small van and off you go!

And if that’s not enough, we can also help with custom branded A-Frames.