Over two decades of dedication to our craft.
This is what it has taken for us to become the trusted experts we are.
Our history has always been centred on coffee equipment..
Niche, we know, but it’s the truth

Our story dates all the way back to the early 60’s when Dean’s father & grandfather worked as some of Melbourne’s first coffee machine technicians. As a child Dean would spend time working in the family business scrapping brass parts off coffee machines for pocket money, this experience is where his passion and knowledge for coffee equipment began.

After completing a motor mechanic apprenticeship in early 2000 Dean had the opportunity to join the family’s importing business, in Melbourne and hasn’t looked back since..

Over the next 10 years  Dean focused his attention on learning everything he could about the coffee industry from importing to product development and servicing.

In 2012, Dean and Emma recognised a rapid growth in the specialty coffee scene. They stepped away from the family business and Xtracted Espresso Solutions was born.

From early on Dean and Emma understood the need to offer tailored solutions to their customers as experience had taught them most situations were unique. They didn’t just want to import machines, or fix them, they wanted to become experts, a one stop shop.

To do this day that ethos stands.

Xtracted Espresso Solutions are equipment solution people.

With this comes an immense understanding that not all equipment is equal or appropriate for every coffee making application. What’s “on trend” might not always be the best solution, that’s why we are here, to advise and guide you through your choices and tailor a solution specifically to YOU!

This is the cornerstone of our brand.

Tailored Espresso Solutions. With our clients needs put first.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why do you it