For over 18 years Dean Slade has been in the business of importing coffee equipment.

From humble beginnings working in the family business to opening Xtracted Espresso Solution, with his wife Emma, in Melbourne  2014 and a second location in Brisbane in early 2018. Dean is well known and respected for his equipment knowledge in the Australian coffee industry and has seen many changes over the past few years as he continues to recognise and stay ahead of the needs of this evolving industry.

Like many coffee enthusiasts, Dean and Emma are continually on the hunt for the latest in innovative technology when it comes to coffee equipment, ensuring both quality and performance for their valued customers. They understand the specialty coffee industry is ever changing and recognise these industry shifts and appreciate feedback from our customers.

Xtracted Espresso Solutions is rapidly becoming one of Australia’s most recognised independent coffee equipment and spare parts distributors.

Exclusive rights and great relationships with our manufactures allow us to encourage constructive feedback and as a result we have seen changes in equipment take place in less than 12 months. When it comes to industry trends, we are open-minded and willing to listen to new ideas in the hopes of moving this incredible industry forward.

We welcome all coffee enthusiasts to visit our Brisbane showroom, showcasing a variety of cutting edge equipment including the latest Reverse Osmosis filtration technology. Our showroom has become a hub of education for Queensland’s coffee community and we encourage this sharing of new ideas and rubbing shoulders of likeminded industry folk. Specialty coffee encourages the creative, the innovative and the eager and our showroom creates a space that allows us to explore this which keeps us moving forward.